Apply for housing: FAQs

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Apply for housing: FAQs
These FAQs relate to applications for homes in Birmingham and Walsall via this website. For questions regarding applications in Wolverhampton, please visit the Homes In The City website.

How long does it take to get a property?
One and two bedroom flats become available quite frequently, but how soon you will receive an offer depends upon the areas you have chosen. Houses become available less frequently and demand is greater for these, so it can take longer to receive an offer.

I cannot get onto my online application.
Once your application has been completed you will not be able to amend your application yourself. You must contact your relevant lettings team.

How do I reset my password?
This facility is not yet available. If you need to know anything about your application or you need to amend it, please contact your relevant lettings team.

How do I make amendments to my application form if my circumstances change?
You must contact your relevant lettings team via email lettings& who will make the amendment for you.

How will I know if my application has been declined?
If your application has been declined you will be advised at the end of your online application.

What happens if I decline an offer?
If you decline an offer in one of your preferred areas and the property being offered meets your housing requirements, your application will be cancelled in accordance with our ‘one offer only’ policy. You may reapply after one year. If you have an exceptional reason why you are unable to meet the 14 day deadline we may allow a short extension.

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