Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Care and Supported Customers

As part of our continued actions to protect our customers and residents from the spread of the Coronavirus, Accord continues to follow Government advice regarding social distancing, and stopping visitors to our care homes and supported scheme.

We know that these are very difficult times for many of us and the health and safety of our residents, their families and our staff is our number one priority. We hope that the following information about who can visit and access our schemes and homes is helpful and reassuring for you. If you have specific questions, please contact the manager of the individual scheme where you, or your family member lives.

Residential Care: In our residential care settings we are only allowing visits from professionals who are required to support the medical, clinical or care needs of our customers and Accord operatives/contractors who need to carry out urgent or essential maintenance. To help ensure the safety of our residents, family members will not be allowed to visit the services, other than in exceptional circumstances. We know these are incredibly difficult times, and if your loved one is at the End of Life, following the latest guidance from Government on 16th April 2020, the Registered Manager will make arrangements so that the person's next of kin can visit them. We will make sure that these visits are fully supported and all safety precautions are followed.   

Extra Care: In our extra care settings customers are able to continue using the communal areas, but they must follow social distancing rules and keep 2 metres apart. Professionals who are required to visit to support customers' medical, clinical or care needs will be encouraged to visit customers in their own flats. Family members are not allowed to use the communal facilities in our extra care service.  We encourage all of our customers living in Extra Care to follow Government Social Distancing guidance for vulnerable groups and limit visits as much as possible to help protect everyone.

Specialist Support: In our Specialist Support (supported accommodation) services only health and other professionals (e.g. support worker, social worker or probation officer), and statutory agencies such as the police and Accord operatives/contractors required to undertake urgent or essential maintenance are allowed to visit. Such visits will take place in the resident’s rooms, or in a staff office designated by the manager. Residents can continue to use communal lounges whilst keeping the 2 metre social distancing but external visitors are not permitted in communal areas.

You will no doubt have heard PPE referred to many times on the news over the last couple of weeks. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. People working in care settings use PPE when working with customers, it includes things like gloves, aprons etc.

Following the latest guidance from Public Health England (published on 27th April 2020) our staff caring for customers in residential care and home care settings are now required to use PPE when carrying out more of their daily tasks. This will include wearing face masks more often when providing day to day care to our customers.

Please be assured, the safety of our staff and customers remains our highest priority and Accord will continue to follow all government and Public Health England guidance.

People who are at a higher risk of illness will have received a letter from the NHS. If you have received one of these letters, please let us know. If you are living in one of our care or supported schemes please tell your scheme manager.

Our staff need to know about this so that they can continue to provide you with the best care and support possible.

All of our staff are practicing good infection protection protocols and following social distancing advice but we need to know if you are at a higher risk so that we can put appropriate plans in place and adapt our procedures, where necessary, to support you.

We are closely monitoring Government and Public Health England guidance and will put regular updates and information on this web page and on our social media channels - please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date:

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